Our New Postcard

The design and printing of the new Red Tape Translation postcard is complete. You’ll be seeing this card around the traps in restaurants, cafes, German schools and hostels: anywhere where expats hang out. Kathleen Parker and Red Tape Translation Berlin would like to thank the talented Varsha B. for all her hard work!

The new Red Tape Translation Berlin postcard

Affordable English language assistance in Berlin


How Red Tape Translation Berlin can help your Berlin Startup

Red Tape Translation Berlin

Berlin is a vibrant, multicultural hub of artistic genius and entrepreneurship. You knew that already, that’s why you’ve come here. Hundreds of exciting startups are establishing themselves in Berlin every year. The city is teeming with projects for writers, artists, actors, musicians, IT gurus, marketing specialists and young business practitioners. Bright and funky work environments in Mitte, Prenzlauerberg and Kreuzberg, Friday night drinks, Berlin events and parties, casual dress, flexible working hours, no hierarchy.

If you run a startup in Berlin, or work for one, you know how much work the first couple of years of business can be. And you also know the frustration of finding a talented English speaking employee and looking on helplessly as they struggle with the bureaucracy of being able to work legally in Berlin. You’d like to be able to help your employees cut through the Red Tape, but you’re too busy running your business to hold their hand.

Offer Red Tape Translation Berlin services to your employees as a job perk. If you were a high flying corporation, you might offer relocation services – it’s the same gesture but on a smaller scale. Kathleen Parker will accompany your employees to their appointment at the immigration office (Ausländerbehörde) and interpret between German and English. Red Tape Translation Berlin is inexpensive for you, and a wonderful way to let your new employees know they are valued. If you’re looking to hire lots of English speakers for your startup, talk to Kathleen Parker about package deals for businesses. Buy Red Tape Translation services for a group of your employees, send them all in together on the same day and benefit from an impressive discount.

Contact Kathleen Parker at Red Tape Translation and give your new English speaking employees a helping hand to cut the German red tape. You’ll have them in your office faster, concentrating on much more important things: their job.