Kathleen Parker’s Shiny New Government Grant

Kathleen Parker receives a government grant

Recently dubbed “the queen bee of Berlin bureaucracy”, Kathleen Parker is now the proud recipient of an Agentur für Arbeit Gründungszuschuss – a government grant from the German Job Agency to support her freelance work activities. The process involved months of planning, extensive market research, and a 35 page business plan, written in perfect German with all relevant financial reports and outlooks. As only 10% percent of all applications for the grant are approved, the positive news was the source of some serious celebration at Red Tape Translation Berlin.

Thinking of Starting a Business in Germany?

Find out about whether you might be eligible for the Arbeitsagentur’s Gründungszuschuss. There are some eligibility requirements, as well as some red tape to cut through. The business plan requirements are thorough, and while the grant was given out quite freely a few years back, recent budget cuts require the Job Agency to screen applications very carefully. The approval rate is around 10%. Still, if you have a strong business plan and the figures look good, it’s a great chance to get started, and it will give you financial support during the first six months of business – which can make all the difference.

Like any good Oscar Winning speech, it’s time to say some thank-yous. Kathleen Parker would like to thank the following people for their support, encouragement and assistance during the grant application process: Jörn Kutz, the Parkers and Marczyks, Kelly Griffin, Melanie Knabe, and Dagmar Diwok.

German Phone or Skype Help by Red Tape Translation

German to English Interpreting and Translation

Use Red Tape Translation to Make Important Phone Calls in German

Red Tape Translation just got a great rap in Elliot Herman’s blog, Lost in Translation. Kathleen was able to find a simple solution to a problem that was driving Elliot crazy. New apartment, new lights,new stove — installation necessary! Without speaking a word of German, Elliot was having a bit of difficulty getting an appointment with an electrician. Having tried Language Line, a telephone interpretation service, Elliot was floored to discover that the cost of using an interpreter there was as much as $3.95 per minute.

Kathleen Parker has a much better solution for  simple everyday translation problems. Book a block of Kathleen’s time in advance (minimum 1 hour for 29.95EU per hour) and use the time to communicate however you need. If it’s a simple phone call, you organize a time with Kathleen at Red Tape Translation on Skype, give her the details of your translation issue, and she’ll make the call for you. While you’re present on Skype to answer questions, she’ll communicate with whoever you need to talk to, and keep you updated as the call progresses. It’s not quite conference calling, but for everyday matters, it’s an enormous help. Book the appointment, organize the technician, talk to your landlord or coordinate an event. Skype will keep a record of the time Kathleen spends helping you out, and if there’s time left over, you can use it later when your next issue comes up. There are no time limits or expiration dates on prepaid time.

Red Tape Translation can help you

  • book a hair appointment
  • organize a technician or tradesman
  • plan an event in Germany
  • deal with the phone, electrical or gas company
  • book a removalist company
  • organize or interview cleaners
  • get your piano tuned
  • get quotes for services or repairs
  • book a table at a restaurant
  • organize printing or other business services

Visit Red Tape Translation or call 0157 79326759 for more information.


About the Author: Kathleen Parker is the founder of Red Tape Translation, a company that offers affordable interpreting solutions to expats in Berlin. Clients moving to Berlin commonly use Red Tape Translation Telephone Time to get set up in their new apartment.