Red Tape Now Offers Certified Translations


Red Tape Translation is thrilled to announce we now offer certified translations from English into German. Birth certificates, academic transcripts, divorce decrees, you name it, we now have a certified translator on board who can translate and certify them for you.

The system in Germany can seem a bit confusing at first. There are different words used in different states, such as “beeidigte Übersetzer”, “vereidigte Übersetzer”, “ermächtigte Übersetzer” “beglaubigte Übersetzung”, etc. If you receive information from a public authority, an agency, or a government department that contains one of these words, you might need a sworn or certified translation. 

When might I need a certified or sworn translation?

Public offices in Germany may request certified translations of documents for residency permit applications, marriage applications, etc. If you’re getting married in Germany, for example, and your certificates are issued in another language, certified translations may be requested from your Standesamt.

This is because translation is an unprotected industry, and anyone can offer translation services without qualifications. This raises some questions about whether accuracy is guaranteed, and public authorities sometimes want confirmation that the translation will be accurate. 

Please note that “Certification of Documents” is something completely different.

How It Works

The German-English-German translator (who has studied, passed an examination, and is sworn in by a court) translates your document and then signs and stamps it with a declaration certifying that the translation is complete and accurate. They will also indicate whether they used a copy or the original document to perform the translation. This certified translation is accepted Germany-wide.

Which documents require a certified translation?

This depends entirely on what you’re applying for, and what the government body requests. Every department, office, and authority is different and every application form has varying requirements. To find out exactly what you need translated, and how, contact them directly and ask.

The most common documents for certified translation from English into German include: 

Birth Certificate

Death Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Divorce Decree (Decree of Dissolution of Marriage)

Certificate of No Impediment

Academic Transcript

Academic Degree Certificate 

If you need a certified English – German translation for an application process or ceremony, the best way to get a quote from Red Tape Translation is by sending a scan or a photograph of the document in its entirety (every page). 

Red Tape Translation helps English speakers settle in Germany in one of three ways: appointment help, telephone help, and German – English – German translation. Kathleen Parker started Red Tape Translation in 2012 and is most commonly found either attending appointments at the Ausländerbehörde or helping English speakers make German phone calls.